Best restaurants in Rajasthan

  • Restaurants in Jaipur


    Laxmi Misthan Bhandar, LMB to you and me, is a vegetarian restaurant in the Old City that’s been going strong since 1954. A welcoming air-conditioned refuge from frenzied Johari Bazaar, LMB is also an institution with its singular decor, attentive waiters and extensive sweet counter. Now it is no longer sattvik (pure vegetarian), you can order meals with onion and garlic.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Bundi

    Bundi Vilas

    The most romantic restaurant in Bundi welcomes visitors from other hotels. Dine in the sheltered yet open-sided terrace, or on the rooftop with uninterrupted views of the fort. It's wise to book as spots are limited for the candlelit dinner experience beneath the floodlit palace. The set dinner offers several courses of exquisite food, and beer and wine are available.

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    Established in 1949, Niro’s is a long-standing favourite on MI Rd that, like a good wine, only improves with age. Escape the chaos of the street by ducking into its cool, clean, mirror-ceilinged sanctum to savour veg and nonveg Indian cuisine with professional service. Classic Chinese and Continental food are available, but the Indian menu is definitely the pick.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Jaipur

    Peacock Rooftop Restaurant

    This multilevel rooftop restaurant at the Hotel Pearl Palace gets rave reviews for its excellent yet inexpensive cuisine (Indian, Chinese and continental) and fun ambience. The attentive service, whimsical furnishings and romantic view towards Hathroi Fort make it a first-rate restaurant. In addition to the dinner menu, there are healthy breakfasts and great-value burgers, pizzas and thalis for lunch.

  • Restaurants in Udaipur

    Mayur Rooftop Cafe

    This delightful rooftop restaurant has a great view of the multihued light show on the Jagdish Temple. Choose between the air-con room or the breezy open section. The usual multicuisine themes fill out the menu, and the quality is top-notch. The Rajasthani thali is a great way to introduce yourself to Rajasthani cuisine – quite different from the standard North Indian cuisine.

  • Restaurants in Jaipur

    Jaipur Modern Kitchen

    Within the eponymous homewares and fashion showroom is this super Mediterranean cafe showcasing organic ingredients and supporting local sustainable agriculture. The tasty pizzas, pasta and wraps are all made in-house, and gluten-free dishes are available. There's a special emphasis on locally grown quinoa; the Q menu features soups, appetisers, mains and desserts, all containing the versatile seed.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Nawalgarh

    New Bungli Restaurant

    Under billowing sails this breezy, rooftop restaurant delivers high-quality food. The veg and nonveg curries, including rich laal maas (mutton curry), creamy palak paneer (unfermented cheese chunks in a pureed spinach gravy) and a lovely dish using small local eggplants, are all professionally prepared and served. You can even get a free cooking class by watching your meal being prepared.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Jodhpur


    This candlelit rooftop restaurant at the Pal Haveli hotel is the perfect place for a romantic dinner, with superb views to the fort, clock tower and Umaid Bhawan. The food covers traditional tandoori, biryanis and North Indian curries, but the Rajasthani laal maas (mutton curry) is a delight. Ask the bartender to knock you up a gin and tonic before dinner.

  • Restaurants in Jaipur

    Handi Fusion

    Handi Fusion is casual, verging on elegant, and welcoming, with an army of attentive waiters and a bar serving cold beer and wine. It offers generous helpings of excellent veg and nonveg Indian cuisine, including aromatic Rajasthani specials such as the Jaisalmeri laal maas (mutton curry). Continental and Chinese food is also on offer, but the curry-and-beer combo is hard to beat.

  • Restaurants in Jaipur

    Pandit Kulfi

    Despite the crusty exterior this tiny shop has a delightfully creamy centre. Pandit gets rave reviews for its conical kulfi (firm-textured ice cream) on a stick. Flavours include pistachio, chocolate, custard apple, mango and paan (betel nut). If you are here around 4pm you can see the kulfi being poured into the conical moulds and set in a box of salted ice.

  • Restaurants in Jaipur

    Indian Coffee House

    Set back from the street, down an easily missed alley, this traditional coffee house (a venerable co-op institution) offers a pleasant cup of filtered coffee in very relaxed surroundings. Aficionados of Indian Coffee Houses will not be disappointed by the fan-cooled, spare, pale-yellow ambience. Inexpensive pakoras (deep-fried battered vegetables) and dosas grace the menu.

  • Restaurants in Jaipur

    Little Italy

    The best Italian restaurant in Jaipur, Little Italy is part of a national chain that offers excellent vegetarian pasta, risotto and wood-fired pizzas in contemporary surroundings. The menu is extensive and includes some Mexican items, plus first-rate Italian desserts. It's licensed and there's an attached sister concern, Little India, with an Indian and Chinese menu.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Udaipur


    Set at lakeshore level, looking across the water to the floodlit City Palace in one direction and Jagniwas in the other, this is one highly romantic restaurant at night with candlelit, white-linen tables beneath spreading rayan trees. And the service and cuisine do justice to its fabulous position, with terrific tandoor and curries and a bar to complement the dining.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Udaipur

    Jagat Niwas Palace Hotel

    A wonderful, classy, rooftop restaurant with superb views towards the city palace, Lake Pichola and Hanuman Ghat. Choose from an extensive selection of mouthwatering curries (tempered for Western tastes) – mutton, chicken, fish, veg – as well as the tandoori classics. There’s a tempting cocktail menu, Indian wine and icy-cold beer. Book ahead for dinner.

  • Restaurants in Jaipur

    Four Seasons

    Four Seasons is one of Jaipur’s best vegetarian restaurants. It’s a popular place with dining on two levels and a glass wall to the busy kitchens. There’s a great range of dishes on offer, including tasty Rajasthani specialities, South Indian dosas, Chinese fare, and a selection of thalis and pizzas. Note that the Italian menu starts at 1pm. No alcohol.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Bikaner


    This contemporary cafe and restaurant close to the Junagarh entrance is known as ‘Glops’ to rickshaw-wallahs. There are snacks such as pizzas, wraps and sandwiches, and a good range of Indian and Chinese veg and nonveg dishes. You can sit outside or curl up in an armchair in the air-conditioned interior with a cold beer or an espresso coffee.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Jaisalmer

    1st Gate Home Fusion

    Sitting atop the boutique hotel of the same name, this split-level, open-air terrace has dramatic fort views and a mouthwatering menu of authentic vegetarian Italian and Indian dishes. Also on offer are excellent wood-fired pizzas, delicious desserts, and good strong Italian coffee. Wine (by the bottle or glass), beer and cocktails are available.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Jaisalmer


    On the spacious roof terrace of Hotel Nachana Haveli, the veg and nonveg food here is excellent. It’s a particularly atmospheric place in the evening, with private and communal lounges and more formal seating arrangements. The Indian food is hard to beat, though the Italian isn’t too bad either. Alcohol is served and the thali is generous.

  • Restaurants in Pushkar

    Out of the Blue

    Distinctly a deeper shade of blue in this sky-blue town, Out of the Blue is a reliable restaurant. The menu ranges from noodles and momos (Tibetan dumplings) to pizza, pasta, falafel and pancakes. A nice touch for those averse to stairs is the street-level espresso coffee bar (coffees ₹70 to ₹120) and German bakery.

  • Restaurants in Bundi

    Morgan's Place

    Morgan's Place is a relaxed (possibly overly relaxed) rooftop restaurant. If you're in the mood for caffeine (it serves espresso coffee), don't mind climbing lots of stairs, and aren't in a hurry, then it delivers. It also serves fresh juice, respectable wood-fired, thin-crust pizza, pasta, chicken schnitzel and falafel.