Jain Temple in Mt Abu

Delwara Temples

These remarkable Jain temples are Mt Abu’s most remarkable attraction and feature some of India’s finest temple decoration. They predate the town of Mt Abu by many centuries and were built when this site was just...

Lake in Mt Abu

Nakki Lake

Scenic Nakki Lake, the town’s focus, is one of Mt Abu’s biggest attractions. It’s so named because, according to legend, it was scooped out by a god using his nakh (nails). Some Hindus thus consider it a holy...

Mountain in Mt Abu

Guru Shikhar

At the northeast end of the Mt Abu plateau, 17km by the winding road from the town, rises 1722m-high Guru Shikhar, Rajasthan’s highest point. A road goes almost all the way to the summit and the Atri Rishi...

Multicuisine in Mt Abu

Chacha Cafe

A very neat, bright pure-veg eatery with excellent service and cold beer. Downstairs there's booths and welcome air-con, upstairs is outside and ideal in the cool evenings. The presentable fare ranges from dosas...

South Indian in Mt Abu


A branch of a quality Gujarat-based chain serving up excellent South Indian vegetarian fare with a view of the lake. Unusual fillings such as Sechuan or spinach, cheese and garlic are available for its renowned...

Multicuisine in Mt Abu

Mulberry Tree Restaurant

Mt Abu’s Gujarati tourists make veg thalis the order of the day in the town, so if you’re craving a bit of nonveg, the smart Mulberry Tree Restaurant is a good upmarket place to go. There are plenty of meaty...

Viewpoint in Mt Abu

Sunset Point

Sunset Point is a popular place to watch the brilliant setting sun. Hordes stroll out here every evening to catch the end of the day, the food stalls and all the usual jolly hill-station entertainment. To get...

Barbecue in Mt Abu

Tandoori Bites

This bright eatery near the taxi stand sets up a barbecue out the front to entice customers with the delicious smoky smells. It does a good range of vegetarian curries and veg barbecue, though there's no doubt...

Indian in Mt Abu

Kanak Dining Hall

The excellent all-you-can-eat thalis are contenders for Mt Abu’s best meals. There’s seating indoors in the busy dining hall or outside under a canopy. It’s conveniently located near the bus stand for the lunch...

Wildlife Reserve in Mt Abu

Mt Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

This 289-sq-km sanctuary covers much of the mountain plateau and surrounds the town of Mt Abu. It is home to leopards, deer, foxes and bears. Contact Mt Abu Treks to arrange an overnight stay.

Indian in Mt Abu


This big restaurant is set on a sweeping open terrace filled with chrome chairs. It’s very popular for its vegetarian Gujarati, Punjabi and South Indian food, and does fine Continental breakfasts and fresh juices.

Bar in Mt Abu

Polo Bar

The terrace at the Jaipur House, formerly the maharaja of Jaipur’s summer palace, is a dreamy place for an evening tipple, with divine views over the hills, lake and the town’s twinkling lights.

Hindu Temple in Mt Abu

Achaleshwar Mahandeva

This fascinating, atmospheric Shiva temple, 8km northeast of Mt Abu in Achalgarh (off the road to Guru Shikhar), boasts a number of diverting features, including what’s said to be a toe of Shiva, as well as Nandi...

Hindu Temple in Mt Abu

Gaumukh Temple

Down off the road to Abu Road, 8km south of Mt Abu town, a small stream flows from the mouth of a marble cow, giving this shrine its name (gaumukh means cow’s mouth). There’s also a marble figure of the Nandi...

Notable Building in Mt Abu

Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

The white-clad people around town are studying at Brahma Kumaris Spiritual University. This organisation teaches that all religions lead to God and that the principles of each should be studied. The university’s...

Museum in Mt Abu

Government Museum

The highlight of this small, seldom-visited museum is the sculpture gallery, with works from the ancient town of Chandravati, 7km from Mt Abu, dating from the 6th to 12th centuries. Note the sculpture of the...

Hindu Temple in Mt Abu

Adhar Devi Temple

In the hills just north of town, about 1.5km from Nakki Lake, 360 steps lead up to this 15th-century temple dedicated to Durga and located in a natural cleft in the rock. You have to stoop to get through the low...

Fast Food in Mt Abu


A busy, open-to-the-street fast-food joint near Nakki Lake. Honest or King's Food (they aren't sure which name they should stick to) has the usual have-a-go menu, including burgers, pizzas, a range of Chinese,...