Top ChoiceItalian in Jaisalmer

1st Gate Home Fusion

Sitting atop the boutique hotel of the same name, this split-level, open-air terrace has dramatic fort views and a mouthwatering menu of authentic vegetarian Italian and Indian dishes. Also on offer are excellent...

Top ChoiceMulticuisine in Jaisalmer


On the spacious roof terrace of Hotel Nachana Haveli, the veg and nonveg food here is excellent. It’s a particularly atmospheric place in the evening, with private and communal lounges and more formal seating...

Italian in Jaisalmer

Jaisal Italy

Just inside First Fort Gate, Jaisal Italy has decent vegetarian Italian and Indian dishes, including bruschetta, antipasti, pasta, pizza, salad and desserts, plus Spanish omelettes. All this is served up in an...

Indian in Jaisalmer

Desert Boy’s Dhani

A walled-garden restaurant where tables are spread around a large, stone-paved courtyard shaded by a spreading tree. There’s also traditional cushion seating undercover and in an air-conditioned room. Rajasthani...

Indian in Jaisalmer

The Trio

Under a tented roof atop the wall of the Mandir Palace (but not part of the hotel), this long-running restaurant offers veg and nonveg dishes, including the classic laal maas (mutton curry). It’s always busy and...

Tibetan in Jaisalmer

Free Tibet

It’s multi-multicuisine here, with everything from French baguettes to Mexican tacos, but the speciality is Tibetan, including good noodle soups and momos (dumplings). It’s near the fort’s southeast corner, with...

Sweets in Jaisalmer

Dhanraj Bhatia Sweets

This place in Bhatia Market has been churning out traditional sweet treats for 10 generations. It’s renowned in Jaisalmer and beyond for its local specialities, such as ghotua ladoos (sweetmeat balls made with...

Multicuisine in Jaisalmer

Monica Restaurant

The airy open-air dining room at Monica just about squeezes in a fort view, but if you end up at a table with no view, console yourself with the excellent veg and nonveg options. Meat from the tandoor is...

Multicuisine in Jaisalmer

KB Cafe

This delightfully stylish rooftop restaurant sits atop one of Jaisalmer's premier boutique hotels with views to the magnificent Patwa-ki-haveli. Enjoy excellent vegetarian pasta, pizza and curries, and finish off...

Multicuisine in Jaisalmer

Sun Set Palace

This restaurant has cushions and low tables on an airy terrace on (as the name implies) the fort’s western side. Pretty good vegetarian Indian dishes are prepared, as well as Chinese and Italian options.

Multicuisine in Jaisalmer

Natraj Restaurant

This rooftop restaurant has satisfying pure veg food that is consistently excellent and the service is good. The delicious South Indian dosas (large savoury crepes) are fantastic value.

Indian in Jaisalmer

Chandan Shree Restaurant

An always busy (and rightfully so) vegetarian dining hall serving up a huge range of tasty, spicy South Indian, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Punjabi and Bengali dishes.

Ice Cream in Jaisalmer

Kanchan Shree Ice Cream

This friendly little dairy whips up homemade ice cream and delicious makhania lassi (filling, saffron-flavoured lassi). You can also order lassis with a dollop of ice cream and fizzy ice-cream sodas.