Top ChoicePalace in Bundi


Within the Bundi Palace complex is the Chitrasala, a small 18th-century palace built by Rao Ummed Singh. To find it, exit through the palace’s Hathi Pol (Elephant Gate) and walk around the corner uphill. Above...

Top ChoiceIndian in Bundi

Bundi Vilas

The most romantic restaurant in Bundi welcomes visitors from other hotels. Dine in the sheltered yet open-sided terrace, or on the rooftop with uninterrupted views of the fort. It's wise to book as spots are...

Top ChoiceArt in Bundi

Yug Art

Many art shops will offer you Rajasthani miniatures, but Yug Art offers to put you into one. Provide a photo and you can be pictured on elephant-back or in any number of classical scenes. Alternatively, Yug will...

Palace in Bundi

Bundi Palace

This extraordinary, partly decaying edifice – described by Rudyard Kipling as ‘the work of goblins rather than of men’ – almost seems to grow out of the rock of the hillside it stands on. Though large sections...

Multicuisine in Bundi

Morgan's Place

Morgan's Place is a relaxed (possibly overly relaxed) rooftop restaurant. If you're in the mood for caffeine (it serves espresso coffee), don't mind climbing lots of stairs, and aren't in a hurry, then it...

Lake in Bundi

Jait Sagar

Round the far side of Taragarh, about 2km north from the centre of town, this picturesque, 1.5km-long lake is flanked by hills and strewn with pretty lotus flowers during the monsoon and winter months. At its...

Historic Site in Bundi

Kshar Bagh

Just past the eastern end of Jait Sagar is the atmospheric, partly overgrown Kshar Bagh, with the cenotaphs of 66 Bundi rulers and queens. Some have terrific, intricate carvings, especially of elephants and...

Historic Building in Bundi

84-Pillared Cenotaph

Towards the southern edge of town, this cenotaph, set in gardens just off the Kota road, is particularly stunning when lit up at night. It was built to honour the son of a maharaja’s ayah (nurse) about 600 years...

Historic Site in Bundi


This is the most impressive and cared-for baori (step-well) in Bundi. It is 46m deep and decorated with sinuous carvings, including the avatars of Lord Vishnu. Built in 1699 by Rani Nathawati, wife of Rao Raja...

Palace in Bundi

Sukh Mahal

The Sukh Mahal is a small summer palace where Rudyard Kipling once stayed and wrote part of Kim. It contains a small museum (Indian/foreigner ₹20/100) with stone sculptures and miniature paintings, and is...

Museum in Bundi

Haveli Braj Bhushanjee

This heritage haveli (traditional, ornately decorated residence) belongs to the descendants of a former prime minister of Bundi and is a home and a hotel. Several rooms in the haveli are dedicated to the display...

Architecture in Bundi

Shikar Burj

This former royal hunting lodge is mostly home to troops of monkeys and local picnickers now, but once shooting parties of the royals would camp here. There is an overgrown vegetable garden (Char Bagh) with a...

Area in Bundi

Old City

It’s great to explore the ancient winding streets, gateways and bazaars of the old city, as well as the more touristic Balchand Para area below the palace. Bundi has more than 200 temples, and the market area...

North Indian in Bundi

Garden Cafe & Restaurant

This super-casual, garden-seating restaurant is okay for budget-priced breakfasts and simple vegetarian meals during the rest of the day. There is shade, views and an abundance of squirrels.

Cultural in Bundi

Kajli Teej

This traditional Rajasthani festival marking the onset of the monsoon is celebrated somewhat differently in Bundi, where it is observed on the third day of the month of Bhadrapada.

Cultural in Bundi

Ghans Bheru Festival

If you’re in Bundi on the day after Diwali, head 10km northwest to the small village of Bharodia, off the Jaipur road, to witness the spectacular Ghans Bheru festival.

Cultural in Bundi

Bundi Utsav

This cultural festival showcases the colourful traditions of the region with a procession, classical raga performances, magic and fireworks.

Historic Site in Bundi

Nagar Sagar Kund

These twin step-wells in the centre of the market are impressive architecturally, but unfortunately are not kept clean.

Fort in Bundi


This ramshackle, partly overgrown 14th-century fort, on the hilltop above Bundi Palace, is a wonderful place to ramble around – but take a stick to battle the overgrown vegetation, help the knees on the steep...

Multicuisine in Bundi

Rainbow Cafe

Bohemian ambience with chill-out tunes, floor-cushion seating, good snacks and 'special' lassis. You need to be patient, but food eventually emerges from the tiny kitchen. Located on the rooftop of the town’s...