Top ChoiceIndian in Bundi

Bundi Vilas

The most romantic restaurant in Bundi welcomes visitors from other hotels. Dine in the sheltered yet open-sided terrace, or on the rooftop with uninterrupted views of the fort. It's wise to book as spots are...

Multicuisine in Bundi

Morgan's Place

Morgan's Place is a relaxed (possibly overly relaxed) rooftop restaurant. If you're in the mood for caffeine (it serves espresso coffee), don't mind climbing lots of stairs, and aren't in a hurry, then it...

North Indian in Bundi

Garden Cafe & Restaurant

This super-casual, garden-seating restaurant is okay for budget-priced breakfasts and simple vegetarian meals during the rest of the day. There is shade, views and an abundance of squirrels.

Multicuisine in Bundi

Rainbow Cafe

Bohemian ambience with chill-out tunes, floor-cushion seating, good snacks and 'special' lassis. You need to be patient, but food eventually emerges from the tiny kitchen. Located on the rooftop of the town’s...