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Best of Odisha in 48 hours

Best of Odisha is a tour in which guests get to experience the rich culture of Odisha in 48 hours. The tour starts at Dhauli where in 260 BC Emperor Ashoka gave up War and became Buddhist and paved the way for the World to embrace Buddhism. The highlight of this tour would be the grand Sun Temple at Konark with its mesmerizing Sundials in the form of wheels of the Chariot. At Puri we see the magnificent Temple of Lord Jagannath, famous for its Chariot festival. A Dolphin spotting ride in a boat on the Lake Chilika, meeting the legendary artists of Pattachitra style of painting and Caving in Khandagiri and Udayagiri are the other things we will do.
2 days
Day Trips & Excursions

Private Excursion to Puri from Bhubaneswar

Puri is a vibrant and enticing part of India. Important to Hindus, it is a historical and spiritual place. Get to know the stories of Puri on this full day excursion. View the temples for which the city is famous and enjoy Puri's beach location at the Bay of Bengal.
7 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

UNESCO's Konark - The Famous Sun Temple at the Bay of Bengal

Located on the shores of the Bay of Bengal, Konark, also known as the Sun Temple, is a 13th century architectural marvel.  The temple at Konark is a monumental representation of the sun god Surya's chariot; its 24 wheels are decorated with symbolic designs and it is led by a team of seven horses. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of India's most famous Brahman sanctuaries.Highlights •     UNESCO World Heritage •     24 intricately carved chariot wheels - serving as accurate sundials •     Seven might stone horses •     Three images of the Sun God Surya
7 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Konark Sun Temple and Pipli Village Tour from Bhubaneswar

This tour will take you to the 13th-century Sun Temple, UNESCO's World Heritage monument, in Konark, Odisha and Pipli artisan village, famous for its beautiful appliques, handicrafts and colorful fabrics.
6 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Day Trip at Puri And Konark Ex Bhubaneshwar

Full day Day tour Visit to  Puri, Pipli, Konark, Sun Temple & Raghurajpur from Bhubaneshwar
8 hours