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Top Choice Punjabi in Amritsar

Brothers’ Dhaba

This fast and friendly upmarket dhaba serves some of Amritsar’s tastiest kulcha (Punjabi-style parathas with herbs, potato and pomegranate seeds that burst in the mouth as tiny explosions of sweetness).
Top Choice Punjabi in Amritsar

Kesar Da Dhaba

Hard to find (ask for directions in the old city), this takeway and no-nonsense dhaba serves delicious paratha thalis (₹200 to ₹250) and silver-leaf-topped firni (ground rice pudding; ₹20) served in small clay bowls…
Top Choice Sikh Temple in Amritsar

Golden Temple

The legendary Golden Temple is actually just a small part of this huge gurdwara complex, known to Sikhs as Harmandir Sahib (or Darbar Sahib).Spiritually, the focus of attention is the tank that surrounds the gleamin…
Top Choice Fort in Patiala

Qila Mubarak

The ancestral home of the maharajas of Patiala, this richly ornamented but fading 18th-century fort is an Arabian Nights fantasy of soaring buttresses and latticed balconies. You can’t enter the interior of the fort…
Top Choice Punjabi in Amritsar

Bharawan da Dhaba

This down-to-earth Amritsar institution has been serving up tasty kulcha and other Punjabi treats since 1912. Does handy half portions.
Mughlai in Amritsar

Crystal Restaurant

Worth the splurge, this classy, ground-floor restaurant has a fin de siècle air, with mirror-lined walls and ornate stucco trim. The multicuisine menu is dominated by Mughlai favourites – the house speciality is del…
Museum in Patiala

Sheesh Mahal

Bordering the palace compound is yet another palace, the totally over-the-top Sheesh Mahal, graced by two wedding-cake towers and an ornamental suspension bridge. Inside the lavishly decorated interior is a gallery …
in Patiala

Sports Museum

The Old Moti Bagh Palace houses a sports museum with exhibits that include memorabilia relating to Punjabi sprinting hero Milkha Singh, ‘the Flying Sikh’.
in Patiala

Dukh Niwaran Gurdwara

It is said that those who pray at the Dukh Niwaran Gurdwara, located near the bus stand, are relieved of suffering.
Books in Amritsar

Booklovers Retreat

Old-school bookshop full of interesting tomes.