• Homosexuality was made illegal in India in 2013, having only been decriminalised since 2009 (punishments are as severe as life imprisonment).
  • Gay and lesbian visitors should be discreet in this conservative country. Public displays of affection are frowned upon for both homosexual and heterosexual couples.
  • Despite the ban, there are gay scenes (and Gay Pride marches) in a number of cities including Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru (Banglaore) and Hyderabad, as well as a holiday gay scene in Goa.


Bombay Dost (www.bombaydost.co.in) A reputable Mumbai-based LGBTQ publication.

Gay Bombay (www.gaybombay.org) Lists gay events and offers support and advice.

Gaylaxy (www.gaylaxymag.com) Probably India's best gay e-zine, including news, blogs, articles, reviews and fashion.

Gaysi Zine (www.gaysifamily.com) A thoughtful monthly magazine and website featuring gay writing and issues.

Indian Dost (www.indiandost.com/gay.php) News and information including contact groups in India.

Indja Pink (www.indjapink.co.in) Travel agency and India’s first ‘gay travel boutique’, founded by a well-known Indian fashion designer.

Orinam (www.orinam.net) This Chennai-based site offers advice and support, and lists gay events. Its Twitter @chennaipride is useful too.

Queer Azaadi Mumbai (www.queerazaadi.wordpress.com) Mumbai’s queer pride blog, with news.

Queer Ink (www.queer-ink.com) Online bookshop specialising in gay- and lesbian-interest books from the subcontinent.