Autorickshaw & E-rickshaw

Similar to the tuk-tuks of Southeast Asia, the Indian autorickshaw is a three-wheeled motorised contraption with a tin or canvas roof and sides, usually with room for two passengers (although you’ll often see many more squeezed in) and limited luggage.

They are also referred to as autos, scooters and riks.

Autorickshaws are mostly cheaper than taxis (typically around half the price) and usually have a meter, although getting it turned on can be a challenge. You can call autos via the Ola Cabs Auto app (, which electronically calculates your fare when you finish the journey – no more haggling!

Travelling by auto is great fun, but – thanks to the open windows – it can be noisy (and chilly in winter).

In some cities there are larger, more environmentally friendly e-rickshaws (electric rickshaws), some of which (though not all) are shared and thus cheaper, but you'll have to be going in the same direction as the other passengers. In the Northeast States these e-rickshaws are known as totos.