Fortress in Phyang

Phyang Fortress Ruin

Rising up the steep, dry crag above Guru Lakhang is a long section of curtain wall and a series of stone and mud ruins leading to a crumbling mini-tower where twigs flap with ragged prayer flags. The panoramic view …
Buddhist Temple in Phyang

Guru Lakhang

Restored by the army in the late 1990s, this tiny white cube of a temple is said to date back to the time of the 'Great Translator' Ringchen Zangpo (10th to 11th century). It sits on a steep, rocky crag whose higher…
Buddhist Monastery in Phyang

Phyang Gompa

Sitting on a knoll in the heart of Phyang, this large monastery complex has been heavily rebuilt in the last decade but its core dates from 1515. A festival takes place on the 28th to 29th of the fifth Tibetan month…