Pench Tiger Reserve activities, tickets and more

Multi-day & Extended Tours

Safari Expedition to Pench Tiger Reserve

Pench Tiger Reserve, the stage of Rudyard Kipling's 'The Jungle Book'. Rich in biodiversity, this reserve harbors some amazing wildlife including Chital (Spotted Deer), Wild Boar, Dhole (Wild Dog), Sloth bear, Leopard and of course, the Tiger. It is also home to around 250 species of birds, both migratory and residents. Our stay has been organised at Pench Jungle Camp, that provides an unqualified jungle experience! Our skipper Shashank Birla is a naturalist & photojournalist whose work has been featured in several national and international publications.He is also the founder of Wilderlust Expeditions LLP, an initiative he hopes will bring people closer to nature and forge a lifelong connection with it.There will be total of 5 jeep safaris, with 4 of your fellow travellers seated in each jeep.We will be documenting the expedition on video,and will be providing a short highlight movie (5-6 minutes) which you can share with family & friends post the trip.
3 days