Multicuisine in Pelling

Hotel Garuda

It doesn't advertise its dining room as a restaurant and will only serve nonguests when the kitchen is quiet, but if you're staying at the Garuda don't miss their home-cooked Sikkimese food, including excellent chur…
Tibetan in Pelling

Kabur Resto-Bar

This Pelling traveller classic creates a wonderfully cosy atmosphere at night with candles and colourful, half-lit globe lamps; by day the balcony has great views. The menu favours Tibetan soups, momo and taipoo – a…
Sikkimese in Pelling


Behind carved wooden screens, this unique room looks like the setting for a medieval war council, with two rows of small tables in front of an antique Bhutanese stove. With a couple of hours' notice, the chef will p…
Cafe in Pelling

Lotus Bakery

If you are walking to or from Pemayangtse, it's worth popping into the lovably ramshackle Lotus Bakery, 1km from Upper Pelling junction, for a cup of locally grown Demajong Tea (₹15) or instant coffee (₹20). They al…
South Indian in Pelling


This simple but bright eatery with hatch servery and souvenir counter is the best place in Pelling for a crispy masala dosa, but don't expect miracles from their pizzas.