Top things to do in Pattan & Pangi Valleys

Temple in Pattan & Pangi Valleys

Triloknath Temple

The squat little temple is a remarkable example of Hindu-Buddhist syncretism with a basic Hindu vihar tower but a series of prayer wheels lining the inner arcade. The central white-marble idol is revered by Buddhist…
Hindu Temple in Pattan & Pangi Valleys

Markula Devi Temple

This unique temple has a very unusual wooden roof, half of which forms a spiky spire. Inside, fabulous, detailed wood carvings dating from the 11th to 16th centuries include scenes from the Mahabharata and Ramayana …
Sculpture in Pattan & Pangi Valleys

Carved stone spring-head

Locals have no idea who carved them or how old they are but several of the town's springs are sanctified by stone facias with obviously ancient carvings. The one beside the lane to Parmas is the best preserved and i…
Hindu Temple in Pattan & Pangi Valleys

Honsu Nag Mandir

A fine example of a typical Pangi temple, this tiny box of a room topped by triangular eaves is fronted by colourful, wonderfully naïve carvings including images of the boggle-eyed deity and his accompanying snake. …
Multicuisine in Pattan & Pangi Valleys

Raj Hotel

Once Killar's top hotel, rooms here have taken something of a battering but the restaurant still offers a wide range of food and many tables have a view.
Religious in Pattan & Pangi Valleys

Pauri Festival

Triloknath is engulfed with pilgrims during the Pauri Festival, honouring its temple deity.