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Temple in Pattan & Pangi Valleys

Triloknath Temple

Some 36km down the Pattan Valley from Tandi, a side road leads 5km to the hilltop village of Triloknath, whose squat stone temple is a remarkable example of Hindu-Buddhist syncretism. The white-marble main idol is r…
Hindu Temple in Pattan & Pangi Valleys

Markula Devi Temple

In Udaipur, the Pattan Valley's largest village, the Markula Devi Temple looks plain on the outside but the inside is covered with fabulous, detailed wood carvings from the 11th to 16th centuries, including scenes f…
Religious in Pattan & Pangi Valleys

Pauri Festival

Triloknath is a major pilgrimage site, especially during the Pauri Festival honouring its temple deity.