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Top Choice Multicuisine in Kasol


Our favourite for its excellent chicken sipoodim (barbecue) served with chips and hummus, plus sizzlers, pizza, lasagne, home-made tofu dishes and good Israeli specials. You can eat at tables or settle back in the i…
Multicuisine in Kasol

Moon Dance Café & German Bakery

Moon Dance, just west of the bridge, stands tall among the many traveller restaurants serving similar 'three Is' (Italian/Israeli/Indian) menus for its great baked goods, strong coffee and excellent-value breakfasts…
Sikh Temple in Manikaran

Sri Guru Nanak Ji Gurdwara

The multistorey Sri Guru Nanak Ji Gurdwara, on the north bank of the Parvati River, which was built in 1940 and is entered either by a dark, semi-underground passage from the street or by footbridge from a parking a…
Hindu Temple in Manikaran

Raghunath Mandir

Hindu Temple in Manikaran

Naina Bhagwati Temple

An ornate wooden temple dedicated to one of the characters in the Manikaran legend.
Hindu Temple in Manikaran

Shiva Temple

Next door to the large Sikh gurdwara is a Shiva temple where the rice to be served in the gurdwara's eating hall cooks inside big pots in pools of boiling hot-spring water, and devotees whisper prayers into the ears…