Parvati Valley restaurants

Top Choice Multicuisine in Kasol


Low-lit and atmospheric, this perennial favourite is reliable for a whole range of traveller munchies, and often serenaded by a Santana soundtrack.
Multicuisine in Barshani

Cafe 360

'Celebrate, Meditate, Liberate' entreats this unexpectedly sophisticated cafe occupying a hard-to-beat panoramic viewpoint on a central knoll in Old Tosh.
Indian in Barshani

Soul Kitchen

This very special place occupies a tiny, antique hay barn with splendid views from its equally tiny front terrace at the top of the Kalga to Pulga stairway-path.
Multicuisine in Parvati Valley

Hotel Negi's Nest

With balcony views staring straight up the Parvati Valley from the base of Chowki Village, this hotel offers the best range of food and dining comfort along the Molana road.
Multicuisine in Kasol

Little Italy

Bright and airy if somewhat lacking atmosphere, Little Italy offers a full multicuisine menu but is most popular as a place for wood-oven pizzas washed down with beer (from ₹250) or cocktails (₹350).
Multicuisine in Kasol

Moon Dance Café & German Bakery

Just metres west of the central bridge, Moon Dance offers baked goods, strong coffee, waffles, crêpes and plenty more.