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Top Choice Church in Panaji

Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception

Panaji’s spiritual, as well as geographical, centre is this elevated, pearly white church, built in 1619 over an older, smaller 1540 chapel, and stacked like a fancy white wedding cake. When Panaji was little more t…
Area in Panaji

Fontainhas & Sao Tomé

The oldest, and by far the most atmospheric, Portuguese-flavoured districts of Panaji are squeezed between the hillside of Altinho and the banks of Ourem Creek, and make for attractive wandering with their narrow st…
Area in Panaji

Altinho Hill

On the hillside above Panaji is the well-to-do residential district of Altinho. Apart from good views over the city and river, the main attraction here is the Bishop’s Palace, an imposing building completed in 1893.
Museum in Panaji

Goa State Museum

This spacious museum east of town houses an eclectic, if not extensive, collection of items tracing aspects of Goan history. As well as some beautiful Hindu and Jain sculptures and bronzes, there are nice examples o…
Library in Panaji

Goa State Central Library

Panaji’s ultra-modern new state library, near the state museum, has six floors of reading material, a bookshop and gallery. The 2nd floor features a children’s book section and internet browsing (free, but technical…
Gallery in Panaji

Gitanjali Gallery

Worth a look while walking around the district of Fontainhas, this bright gallery displays works by local and international artists. It also functions as an art studio, gallery and hosts special exhibitions, worksho…
Monument in Panaji

Statue of Abbé Faria

Beside the Secretariat Building, look out for the sublime, starkly black statue of a caped man, arms, hands and fingers outstretched, towering over an apparently frightened woman. This is the statue of Abbé Faria, c…
Church in Panaji

Chapel of St Sebastian

Fontainhas is notable for being home to the pretty Chapel of St Sebastian, built in 1818. This small whitewashed church contains one of only a few relics remaining as testament to the Goan Inquisition: a striking cr…
Historic Building in Panaji

Menezes Braganza Institute

The yellow-and-white Menezes Braganza Institute occupies part of the old buildings that were once the Portuguese army headquarters. It’s worth poking your head in, at the building’s northeast entrance, to examine th…
Area in Panaji


The Campal neighbourhood, to the west of Panaji proper, is home to some green spaces that are perfect for whiling away an afternoon. Goa’s premier cultural centre, Kala Academy has a lovely campus; an art gallery; a…