Palolem doesn’t party like the northern beaches but it’s certainly not devoid of nightlife. Some of the beach bars stay open 24 hours in season, there are silent headphone parties at least once a week and other DJ club nights are organised seasonally. Several beach bars, such as Ciarans, have live music, so you'll find someone playing every night of the week in season.

Silent Discos

Neatly sidestepping Goa’s statewide ban on loud music in open spaces after 10pm, Palolem’s 'silent parties’ are the way to dance the night away without upsetting the neighbours.

Turn up around 10pm, don your headphones with a choice of two or three channels featuring Goan and international DJs playing trance, house, hip hop, electro and funk, and then party the night away in inner bliss but outer silence. At one time there were three or four weekly headphone parties but as of 2018 there was just one at Neptunes.