Padum attractions

Buddhist Monastery in Padum

Sani Gompa

Zanskar’s oldest gompa comprises a small, two-storey prayer hall ringed by a curious tunnelled cloister. The stupa out back dates back to Kushan King Kanishka (2nd century AD), making it the oldest Buddhist monument…
Viewpoint in Padum

Padum Khar

The oldest section of Padum is a chaos of rocks, abandoned old buildings, shrines and large assorted kani (tunnel-stupas) climbing a modest hillock. The hill was crowned by a 13th-century royal palace (khar means pa…
Village in Padum


Around 2km northeast of the main market, Pibiting has the most authentic feel of Padum's surrounding villages. It's easy to spot thanks to a hilltop Guru Lhakhang temple, which is itself topped with a stupa.
Buddhist Sculpture in Padum

Gyalwa Ringna

A large rock set above the Lungnak River bank, southeast of Padum, is inscribed with a row of five seated Buddha figures in Gandharan style, clumsily repaired with concrete.
Waterfall in Padum

Shilla Waterfall

On the east bank of the Lungnak River, southeast of Padum, the village of Shilla is backed by a crag with ruins at the top and a substantial waterfall cascading down the middle. At its base is a pool whose icy-cool …
Buddhist Monastery in Padum

Stakrimo Monastery

This monastery just behind Padum makes for a nice hour-long (5km) hike from the centre and offers fine views over the valley towards Pibiting and beyond.