Nature Reserve in Pachmarhi

Satpura National Park

Tickets for this national park, carved from a portion of the larger Satpuri Tiger Reserve, must be bought at the ticket office outside Bison Lodge. Forestry commission guides (trekking per day ₹700) can also be arra…
Museum in Pachmarhi

Bison Lodge

Captain Forsyth named Bison Lodge after a herd of ‘bison’ (gaur) he spotted here. It’s now an old-fashioned, dilapidated museum focusing on the history, flora and fauna of the Satpura region.
Nature Reserve in Pachmarhi

Satpura Tiger Reserve

This reserve, entered from Madhai 93km northwest of Pachmarhi by road, counts an estimated 40-odd tigers and unknown number of leopards; chances of sighting the latter, along with Indian gaurs, sloth bears, monkeys,…
Ticket Office in Pachmarhi

Satpura National Park Ticket Office

Viewpoint in Pachmarhi


South of Jaistambha is the road that leads towards Chauragarh (1308m), Madhya Pradesh’s third-highest peak. The Shiva shrine at the top attracts tens of thousands of pilgrims during Shivaratri Mela. On the way, stop…
Church in Pachmarhi


Said to be the most beautiful Christian Church in Madhya Pradesh.
Buddhist Temple in Pachmarhi

Pandav Caves

Just southeast of Jaistambha, you’ll find Pandav Caves, which are believed to have been carved by Buddhists as early as the 4th century. The foundations of a brick Buddhist stupa have been excavated on top of them.
Hindu Temple in Pachmarhi

Jata Shankar

This cave temple is in a beautiful gorge about 2.5km along a good track that’s signed just north of the town limits. The small Shiva shrine is hidden under a huge overhanging rock.
Pond in Pachmarhi

Apsara Vihar

On the other side of Jaistambha, about 1km past Pandav Caves, is the trailhead for Apsara Vihar, a pool underneath a small waterfall, which is the best of Pachmarhi’s natural pools for swimming.
Cave in Pachmarhi

Astachal Cave

Further along the main road, past the trailhead, you’ll find the access roads for Duchess Falls, the two beauty points known as Reechgarh and Astachal, and a small, crystal-clear pool called Ramykund.