LGBT Travellers

Homosexuality in India was decriminalised in 2009, made illegal in 2013, and decriminalised again in 2018. Trans rights have fared better: in 2014, there was a ruling that gave legal recognition of a third gender in India, a step towards increased acceptance of the large yet marginalised transgender (hijra) population. LGBT visitors should be discreet in this conservative country. Public displays of affection are frowned upon for both homosexual and heterosexual couples.

There are low-key gay scenes in many larger cities, including Delhi and Mumbai.

  • Gay Delhi ( LGBT support group, organising social events in Delhi.
  • Gaysi Zine ( A thoughtful monthly magazine and website featuring gay writing and issues.
  • Indian Dost ( News and information, including contact groups in India.
  • Indja Pink ( India’s first ‘gay travel boutique’, founded by a well-known Indian fashion designer.
  • Queer Ink ( Online bookstore specialising in gay- and lesbian-interest books from the subcontinent.