Top ChoiceHindu Temple in Konark

Sun Temple

Sun Temple

Conceived as the cosmic chariot of the sun god Surya, this massive, breathtakingly splendid temple was constructed in the mid-13th century, probably by Odishan king Narashimhadev I to celebrate his military...

Top ChoiceHindu Temple in Puri

Jagannath Mandir

This mighty temple is home to Jagannath (Lord of the Universe), an incarnation of Vishnu. Built in its present form in 1198, the temple – closed to non-Hindus – is surrounded by two walls, its 58m-high...

Top ChoiceOdishan in Puri

Wildgrass Restaurant

Grab yourself a table at this tranquil restaurant, either in one of the thatched pavilions or the air-con dining room, and tuck into excellent house specialities served by supercourteous waiters. The tandoori...

Religious in Puri

Rath Yatra

Immense wooden chariots containing Lord Jagannath, brother Balbhadra and sister Subhadra are hauled from Jagannath Mandir to Gundicha Mandir, beside Puri’s main bus stand. The Ulta Rath Yatra (return trip of the...

Bird Sanctuary in Chilika Lake

Nalabana Island

Many of Chilika Lake's million-plus migratory birds — including grey-legged geese, herons, cranes and pink flamingos — spend the winter months (November to mid-January) within the bird sanctuary on Nalabana...

Sweets in Puri

Puri Cheesecake

Bikram Sahoo and his six brothers have been churning out the unique Odishan delight known as chhena poda (made from cottage cheese, sugar and cardamom, and cooked in an iron pan over an open flame, it's a cross...

Beach in Puri

Model Beach

Puri is no palm-fringed paradise – the beach is wide, shelves quickly with a nasty shore break and is shadeless. But Model Beach, part of a sustainable, community-run beach-tourism initiative, offers a 700m...

Multicuisine in Puri

Peace Restaurant

A Puri stalwart that relocated to a quieter location off the main road, the Peace is a pleasant budget option. It does nice work with Western breakfasts and pasta dishes, but excels at simple local thalis and...

Indian in Puri

Two States

This excellent restaurant inside the Mayfair Heritage hotel specialises in two cuisines: Odishan and Bengali. Seafood is the star here and all items on the succinct menu are well executed. Try the prawn cutlet or...

Chinese in Puri

Chung Wah

Inside the Lee Garden Hotel, this place certainly has the look of a classic Chinese restaurant: dark-wood booths, lattice screens and lots of red and gold and dragon imagery. The food is excellent Indo-Chinese –...

Cafe in Puri

Honey Bee Bakery & Pizzeria

Decent pizzas and pancakes, espresso-machine coffee (₹80), toasted sandwiches and breakfast fry-ups (including bacon) are all here at this cute cafe-restaurant with rooftop seating. It's a popular spot for...

Dance in Konark

Konark Festival

Steeped in traditional music and dance, the Konark Festival takes place in an open-air auditorium with the gorgeous Sun Temple as a backdrop.

Cultural in Puri

Puri Beach Festival

A festival featuring song, dance, food and cultural activities, including installations on the beach by sand artists from across India.

North Indian in Puri


This large, pure-veg local favourite offers plenty of off-menu dishes, so even if you don’t see the bhindi chatpati (okra), gobi Hyderabadi (cauliflower), or kadhai veg (creamy curried vegetables) on the menu,...

Religious Site in Puri


These hallowed cremation grounds are the final earthly stop for some 40 deceased Hindus who are cremated here daily. You can watch or walk among the open-air ceremonies as long as you behave in a respectful...

Library in Puri

Raghunandan Library

The world's saddest library — featuring a few rows of dusty, locked bookcases — does a lucrative trade by offering great views of Jagannath Mandir for non-Hindus from its rooftop. For a 'donation' of about ₹100,...

Hindu Site in Puri

Markandeya Tank

This bathing place, where Vishnu is said to have resided as a neem tree, is particularly interesting in the mornings, when locals come here for their daily ablutions. For some it's a matter of personal hygiene,...

Hindu Site in Puri

Narendra Tank

The largest of Puri's holy tanks, this is where locals bathe on a daily basis. It's also where a replica deity of Jagannath is brought on an annual basis for its ritual bath during the Chandan Yatra festival. A...

Indian in Konark

Sun Temple Hotel

A busy AC restaurant with a big range of Indian veg and nonveg dishes, as well as traveller favourites such as chips and banana pancakes. It also has a few simple rooms (d ₹750, with AC ₹1150) out back. It’s...