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Top Choice Museum in Bhubaneswar

State Museum

Odisha’s best collection of rare palm-leaf manuscripts, as well as patta-chitra (scroll paintings), traditional and folk musical instruments, Bronze Age tools, an armoury, and an impressive collection of Buddhist, J…
Top Choice Odishan in Puri

Wildgrass Restaurant

A delightful restaurant, Wildgrass has an AC-cooled main room, but it’s more fun to sit outside at one of thatched pavilions dotted around the lush garden. The menu is superb, with local and regional specialities ca…
Top Choice Historic Site in Bhubaneswar

Udayagiri & Khandagiri Caves

Six kilometres west of the city centre are two hills riddled with rock-cut shelters. Many are ornately carved and thought to have been chiselled out for Jain ascetics in the 1st century BC.
Top Choice Indian in Bhubaneswar

Hare Krishna Restaurant

The beautifully lacquered Gujarati sankheda furniture stands out at this stylish but unpretentious veg restaurant where you can enjoy delicious curries, biryanis and tandoor flat breads in a soothing atmosphere. Ent…
Top Choice Nature Reserve in Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary

Three rivers flow out to sea at Bhitarkanika forming a tidal maze of muddy creeks and mangroves. This is India’s second largest mangrove region after the Sunderbans, and most of the 672-sq-km delta forms this wonder…
Top Choice Hindu Temple in Bhubaneswar

Lingaraj Mandir

The 54m-high Lingaraj Mandir, dedicated to Tribhuvaneswar (Lord of Three Worlds), dates from 1090 to 1104 (though parts are over 1400 years old) and is surrounded by dozens of smaller temples and shrines. The granit…
Top Choice Indo-Chinese in Puri

Chung Wah

The real thing courtesy of a Chinese family transplanted from Kolkata 40 years ago. Chung Wah’s menu is loaded down with spicy Szechwan dishes that bite back. Try the excellent hot garlic chicken, Szechwan prawns or…
Top Choice Odishan in Bhubaneswar

Odisha Hotel

This dead-simple lunchtime-only restaurant is one of the best spots to try authentic Odia cuisine, served in huge proportions thali-style in traditional bell-metal dishware. The menu board is entirely in Odia, so ju…
Top Choice Odishan in Bhubaneswar


Just when you thought all Indian food was starting to taste the same, you went and arrived in Odisha. Tiny Kanika does a don't-miss job with regional Odishan recipes, excelling most memorably with local seafood. Spe…
Top Choice Odishan in Bhubaneswar


Down some steps from Lewis Rd, this small Bhubaneswar chain is widely regarded by locals as the best place in town to sample authentic Odia cuisine, including aloo bharta (a delicious mashed potato and aubergine com…