Top Choice Fair in Northern & Northeastern Odisha

Bali Yatra

A week commemorating past trading links with Indonesia. A huge fair is held on the river bank in Cuttack and you can buy anything from cattle to fine textiles and silver filigree.
Religious in Bhubaneswar

Maha Shivaratri

Devotees fast and perform pujas (prayers or offerings) throughout the night ready to witness the priest placing a sacred lamp on the top of Lingaraj Mandir.
Religious in Puri

Rath Yatra

Immense chariots containing Lord Jagannath, brother Balbhadra and sister Subhadra are hauled from Jagannath Mandir to Gundicha Mandir, beside Puri’s main bus stand.
Dance in Konark

Konark Festival

Steeped in traditional music and dance, the Konark Festival takes place in an open-air auditorium with the gorgeous Sun Temple as a backdrop.
Cultural in Bhubaneswar

Adivasi Mela

Bhubaneswar goes tribal for the annual Adivasi Mela festival, celebrating the art, dance and handicrafts of Odisha’s tribal groups.
Cultural in Odisha

Tribal Festival

An exposition of Odishan tribal dances and music. Contact Odisha Tourism ( as the location changes yearly.
Religious in Puri

Makar Mela

This Puri festival celebrates the sun entering the orbit of Capricorn. Surya, the sun god, is the attention of worship.
Cultural in Puri

Puri Beach Festival

Song, dance, food and cultural activities, including sand artists, on the beach.
Religious in Bhubaneswar


The idol of Lord Lingaraj is taken by chariot to Bindu Sagar for ritual bathing and then to Rameswaram Temple for a four-day stay.
Religious in Odisha

Magha Mela

Sun festival, with pilgrims bathing en masse at the beach before sunrise then worshipping at the temple.