Top things to do in Nubra Valley

Buddhist Monastery in Diskit

Diskit Gompa

Directly above Old Diskit, a 2km spaghetti of hairpins winds up to this fabulous monastery complex, much of which dates to between the 14th and 17th centuries. It's a brilliant jumble of Tibetan-style box buildings …
Pass in Nubra Valley

Khardung La

At 5602m, Khardung La is claimed (and disputed) to be the world’s highest motorable pass. A plethora of prayer flags festoons a flanking chaos of rocks and there's permanent glacial ice on the pass's north face. The…
Notable Building in Turtuk

Pon Khar

The Yabgo rajas of Chorbat-Baltistan trace their dynasty back to a certain Prince Tang from western Turkestan (Central Asia), and have had a palace in Turtuk from at least the 15th century. What remains is a now din…
Buddhist Statue in Diskit

Giant Chamba Statue

This gigantic (32m) full-colour statue of Chamba (Maitreya Buddha) sits on a hill between Diskit Gompa and the main road and is visible for miles around, including from the windows of many Diskit guesthouses. It was…
Notable Building in Sumur, Tegar & Panamik

Zimskang Museum

At the centre of Tegar village is the ancient little Manekhang Gompa from which a mani wall leads down a sloping lane to this unmarked historic house preserved in its original condition and open on request to visito…
Balti in Turtuk

Balti Farm

The imaginative à-la-carte restaurant at Turtuk Holiday dishes up sparklingly reimagined Balti dishes sourced almost entirely from its own orchards and organic gardens. If you can't decide which to go for, taste the…
Cafe in Turtuk

Friends' Cafe

This appealing if ultra-simple cafe is a handful of open-air tables shaded by apricot trees at the top of the stairway from the suspension footbridge. Menu is limited to drinks, chow mein, fried rice or Maggi instan…
Indian in Turtuk

Ashoor Restaurant

The all-vegetarian menu here is about as wide as you'll find in Turtuk. The paneer masala is particularly scrumptious.
Viewpoint in Nubra Valley

Wari La

A newly surfaced alternative route to Nubra via Shakti crosses the 5308m Wari La, descending to Agham.
Buddhist Site in Hunder

Skalzang Mani

Across the main road from Hunder Gompa, this unusual double mani wall runs perpendicular towards the mountain. Recently patched up, ancient Skalzang Mani is considered one of the most important such walls in Ladakh,…