Tourist Information in Jhunjhunu

Tourist Office

Located out of the centre, this office (if open when it should be) can only provide a few brochures and a basic map of the town and region.
ATM in Jhunjhunu

State Bank of India

This ATM accepts international cards, as do many others in Ghandi Chowk.
Bank in Mandawa

State Bank of India

In Binsidhar Newatia Haveli; changes cash only.
Bank in Nawalgarh

State Bank of India

Changes currency and travellers cheques.
Police in Jhunjhunu

Police Station

Close to the private bus stand.
Hospital in Jhunjhunu


Close to the main bus stand.
Post in Jhunjhunu

Post Office

Post in Nawalgarh

Central Post Office

ATM in Nawalgarh

State Bank of India

Hospital in Nawalgarh

Maur Hospital