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Top Choice Nature Reserve in Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary

Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary

Three rivers flow out to sea at Bhitarkanika, forming a tidal maze of muddy creeks and mangroves. This is India’s second-largest mangrove region, and most of the 672-sq-km delta forms this wonderful sanctuary, a sig…
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Pusphagiri Ruins


These two monastery complexes date back to the 10th to 12th centuries AD. At the first one, there’s a large pyramidal brick stupa with a seated Buddha image on each of the four sides. Beyond, a large Buddha statue i…
Top Choice Archaeological Site in Pusphagiri Ruins


Ratnagiri has the most interesting and extensive of the Pusphagiri ruins. Two large monasteries flourished here from the 5th to 13th centuries. Noteworthy are an exquisitely carved doorway inside the first monastary…
Top Choice Fair in Northern & Northeastern Odisha

Bali Yatra

A week commemorating past trading links with Indonesia. A huge fair is held on the river bank in Cuttack and you can buy anything from cattle to fine textiles and silver filigree.
Top Choice Chinese in Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary

New Hong Kong Restaurant

For over two decades the Chen family has been providing authentic Chinese in Sambalpur and this place draws crowds from far and wide. The menu also includes several Thai dishes and some tasty Indian-Chinese fusion d…
Archaeological Site in Pusphagiri Ruins


Several monastery ruins, some dating back to 200 BC, consisting largely of brick foundations, are scattered along a gentle incline; one is surrounded by several dozen small votive stupas. Next to a small museum hous…
Nature Reserve in Satkosia Tiger Sanctuary

Satkosia Tiger Sanctuary

Comprising the Satkosia Gorge Sanctuary and the Baisipalli Wildlife Sanctuary, this 964-sq-km forested tiger reserve, 125km northwest of Bhubaneswar, is straddled by a breathtaking gorge, cut by the mighty Mahanadi …
Museum in Northern & Northeastern Odisha

Odisha State Maritime Museum

This excellent new museum, sitting on the bank of the Mahanadi River, focuses on Odisha's centuries-old maritime history of trade and boat-building. The partially interactive displays walk you through the Kalingas' …
Wildlife Reserve in Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary

Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary

In northeastern Odisha, 40km west of Sambalpur, the 347-sq-km Debrigarh Wildlife Sanctuary is a good spot for wildlife-spotting. It comprises the Barapahad Hills, covered with dry deciduous forest, and the vast Hira…
Wildlife Reserve in Similipal National Park

Similipal National Park

Open again to visitors at the time of research after years of Maoist activity, the 2750-sq-km Similipal National Park is one of the last chunks of wilderness in eastern India. It is famous for its tigers, though sig…