Top things to do in Northern Kerala

Top Choice Nature Reserve in Wayanad Region

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

Wayanad's ethereal 345-sq-km sanctuary is accessible only by two-hour jeep safari (₹680), on which you might spot langurs, chital deer, sambar, peacocks, wild boar or wild elephants; the odd tiger and leopard wander…
Top Choice Indian in Kozhikode (Calicut)

Paragon Restaurant

Join the inevitably long queue out the door at this always-packed restaurant, founded in 1939. The overwhelming menu is famous for its legendary chicken biryani and fish dishes – such as pollichatu (spiced fish cook…
Hindu Temple in Wayanad Region

Thirunelly Temple

Thought to be one of the oldest temples on the subcontinent, Thirunelly Temple huddles beneath the Brahmagiri Hills 15km southwest of Tholpetty. Non-Hindus cannot enter the temple itself, but it’s worth visiting for…
Cave in Wayanad Region

Edakkal Caves

These remote hilltop 'caves' – more accurately a small series of caverns – are celebrated for the ancient collection of petroglyphs in their top chamber, thought to date back over 3000 years. From the car park near …
Fort in Kannur

Thalasseri Fort

The coastal town of Thalasseri (formerly Tellicherry), 20km southeast of Kannur, was a major cardamom and pepper export hub under the British East India Company. Its British-built fort – now filled with neat gardens…
Fort in Kannur

Fort St Angelo

One of the earliest Portuguese settlements in India (constructed with permission from Kannur's rulers), the 1505 St Angelo Fort looms tall on a promontory 3km south of town, displaying a fusion of Portuguese, Dutch …
South Indian in Kozhikode (Calicut)

Adam's Teashop

Distressed-wood shutters, vibrant paintwork and old-school radios create a retro-style scene at this wildly popular restaurant near the beach, where classic Malabari dishes are given a creative makeover. Biryanis co…
Indian in Kozhikode (Calicut)


Hidden away in the sea-facing Beach Hotel, Salkaram serves excellent fish and chicken dishes, Malabari cuisine (such as fish coconut curry) and Keralan meals (₹170 to ₹190), plus snacks out on the front lawn.
Museum in Wayanad Region

Wayanad Heritage Museum

In the village of Ambalavayal, 12km southwest from Sultanbatheri near the Edakkal Caves, this small but fascinating museum exhibits tools, weapons, pottery, carvings and other artefacts dating back to the 9th centur…
Mosque in Kozhikode (Calicut)

Miskhal Masjid

Around 2km southwest of Mananchira Sq, this 650-year-old mosque is an attractive (mostly) wooden four-storey building supported by impressive wooden pillars, topped by traditional sloping-tile roofs and painted in b…