Top ChoiceBridge in Cherrapunjee (Sohra)

Nongriat Root Bridges

The most fascinating sights around Cherrapunjee are the incredible living bridges – formed from rubber-fig roots that ingenious Khasi villagers have, over decades, trained across streams as natural pathways. Over...

Top ChoiceMuseum in Shillong

Don Bosco Museum of Indigenous Cultures

This well-displayed museum is a fabulous repository of tribal artefacts interspersed with exhibits on Christian missionary work. The self-guided visit takes about 1½ hours. The 17 galleries exhibit tribal...

Sports Ground in Shillong

Khasi Hills Archery Sports Institute

This is the venue for a 50-person archery event whose outcome is the subject of a highly popular betting game in Shillong, known as Thoh Tim or Teer or Siat Khnam. At tiny betting stalls all over the city, people...

Market in Shillong

Iew Duh

The vast, crowded public market area (bara bazar means 'big market') is one of the most animated shopping areas in the Northeast. You'll reach it about 1.75km west of the big Police Bazar roundabout along GS Rd....

Cafe in Shillong

Dylan's Cafe

An ample 1st-floor space with couches, bean bags and terrace tables looking out on the leafy surrounds, Dylan's serves good coffee and juices, breakfasts from waffles to full English, and light eats like...

Indian in Cherrapunjee (Sohra)

Orange Roots

Beside the Shillong road 1.3km from the town centre, Orange Roots is a bright and sparkling clean pure vegetarian restaurant where local women serve up tasty South Indian dosas and uttapams (savoury rice...

Cafe in Shillong

Café Shillong

This fashionable hang-out in bustling Laitumkhrah ('lai-muk-rah' or just 'laimu') has good coffee, yummy steaks and other dishes (₹250 to ₹500), plus live music on Sundays from about 6pm to 8.30pm. The decor...

Adivasi in Shillong


There's no better way to sample local Khasi flavours than by dropping in for lunch at this busy place. Jadoh (sticky rice stewed in pig blood) and curried pig innards are favourites here, but for the best variety...

Religious in Shillong


The self-proclaimed Khasi cultural centre, Smit village hosts the five-day Nongkrem Festival featuring goat sacrifices and a slow-motion dance performed by women and men in full ethnic dress in front of the...

Waterfall in Cherrapunjee (Sohra)

Nohkalikai Falls

At 340m, Nohkalikai is said to be the highest single-drop waterfall in India. It's at its best during the monsoon, when its capacity increases 20-fold. You can see it from above from the viewpoint 4.4km from...

Multicuisine in Shillong

City Hut Dhaba

City Hut's smart, efficient waiters serve generous portions of varied Indian, Chinese and barbecue dishes in four clean and agreeable rooms, including a family-only room and an attractive, flower-decked straw...

Bar in Shillong

Cloud 9

Hotel Centre Point's panoramic top-floor lounge has a good party scene going on Fridays and Saturdays when there are often DJ sessions from around 8.30pm (some Fridays live bands play instead). There's good...

Chinese in Shillong

Barbecue Chinese Restaurant

This is a reliable stop for all Chinese standards, served by efficient waiters in atmospheric surrounds with brick walls, wood panelling, mirrors and a fish tank, down a short flight of steps from street level.

Multicuisine in Shillong

La Galerie

The suave glass-panelled main restaurant in Hotel Centre Point is compartmentalised into two-table booths and adorned with local photographs. Excellent Indian, Continental and Chinese food.

National Park in Garo & Jaintia Hills

Balpakram National Park

Hilly Balpakram is traditionally considered by the Garo to be the ‘abode of souls’, where people temporarily go after they die, and is full of mythological associations. The 220-sq-km park is thick with...

Cave in Cherrapunjee (Sohra)

Mawsmai Cave

This 150m-long limestone cavern, with its low passages, is the most impressive of the area's easily accessible caves and very popular with domestic tourists. Mawsmai’s old monoliths, commemorating heroes and clan...

Museum in Cherrapunjee (Sohra)

Ramakrishna Mission

At the top of the hill in Cherrapunjee village, the museum in the Ramakrishna Mission (a Hindu spiritual movement with origins in West Bengal) has an interesting collection of Northeastern tribal artefacts from...

National Park in Garo & Jaintia Hills

Nokrek National Park

East of Tura, the forested hills rise to Nokrek Peak (1412m), the highest point in the Garo Hills. The summit is part of the 48-sq-km Nokrek National Park, which occupies the highest parts of the larger Nokrek...

Monument in Garo & Jaintia Hills

Nartiang Monoliths

The Jaintia Hills are home to Nartiang village, 63km east of Shillong, where you can visit an intriguing complex of stone monoliths erected by different clans between the 16th and 19th centuries – the largest...

Museum in Shillong

Wankhar Entomology Museum

This remarkable one-room display of pinned butterflies, moths, rhinoceros beetles and stick insects is housed in the home of the original collector. Most of the exhibits are from Northeast India and the giant...