Jeep Safaris

Wildlife Watching in Kaziranga National Park

Safaris last two to three hours, traversing park tracks in search of interesting wildlife. The jeeps carry up to six passengers. Each of the park's visitable ranges has its own gate, with park entry-ticket and safari-jeep offices adjacent (except that the Kohora gate is 2.5km north of its offices, which are 700m south of the main road in Kohora village). Park entry tickets (not included in safari fees) are sold from 7am to 10am and 1.30pm to 3pm: you need to get your jeep ticket before your entry ticket.

Many lodgings will, usually for a few hundred rupees extra, do all the formalities for you and get the jeep to come and pick you up. An armed guard accompanies most vehicles entering the park. A ₹100 tip for drivers and guards is customary.