Cultural in Kohima

Hornbill Festival

Nagaland’s biggest annual jamboree, the Hornbill Festival is celebrated at Kisama Heritage Village, where various Naga tribes converge for a 10-day cultural, dance and sporting bash, much of it in full warrior costu…
Music in Ziro Valley & Around

Ziro Music Festival

For four days in September, Ziro is invaded by thousands of music lovers during this festival, which showcases the best of regional music as well as a great selection of bands from across India.
Religious in Shillong


Dubbing itself the Khasi cultural centre, the suburb of Smit hosts the five-day Nongkrem Festival in autumn, featuring animal sacrifices and a slow-motion dance performed by artistes in full ethnic costume in front …
Cultural in Garo & Jaintia Hills


A good time to be in Meghalaya is when the four-day Wangala festival takes place in the Garo Hills. Renowned for its impressive tribal dancing, this harvest festival is also noted for its traditional drum recitals.
Cultural in Mizoram

Chapchar Kut

This festival held statewide during the onset of spring celebrates the end of a long season of jhum (the traditional practice of clearing forest land for agriculture) in Mizoram through song and dance.
Religious in Tawang Valley


For a few days in February, Tawang hosts the dazzling Tibetan New Year festival of Losar, marked by prayer sessions and colourful masked dances at the Tawang Gompa.
Cultural in Northeast States


Lamp lighting, firework displays, worship of the Hindu goddess Kali and general good humour take over all Hindu areas in the region for a day (or two).
Religious in Pasighat


Pasighat hosts the interesting Adi festival of Solung, marked by rituals performed to seek agricultural prosperity and protection from evil spirits.
Music in Kohima

Rock and Metal Festival

Headbangers play out acid riffs at this festival, held in Kohima at the same time as the Hornbill Festival.
Religious in Majuli Island

Ras Mahotsav Festival

Chanting, masked dances and lively drama recitals take place during this popular celebration honouring the birth, life and feats of Krishna.