India drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Bar in New Delhi


The Imperial, built in the 1930s, resonates with bygone splendour. This bar is a more recent addition, but still riffs on the Raj. Here you can sip the perfect cocktail (₹1000) amid designer-clad clientele, against …
Top Choice Club in South Delhi

Piano Man Jazz Club

The real thing, this popular, atmospheric place with proper musos is a dim-lit speakeasy with some excellent live jazz performances.
Top Choice Bar in Mumbai (Mumbai)


Colaba is the best of the locations of the hip Social chain, which combines a restaurant/bar with a collaborative work space. The happening bar nails the cocktails (from ₹295) – the Acharroska is the perfect marriag…
Top Choice Cafe in Leh

Lala’s Art Cafe

Entered beside a 2000-year-old Dhyani Buddha stela, this tiny, traditional temple-like house was saved from demolition and immaculately restored in 2006. Stone steps lead to an atmospheric cafe with floor seating an…
Top Choice Cafe in Bengaluru (Bangalore)

Third Wave Coffee Roasters

A mecca for hardcore java heads, this temple to the arabica bean has a multitude of gourmet-coffee combos, including espresso classics, quirky cold brews like coffee colada (with coconut water and jaggery) and seaso…
Top Choice Bar in Panaji

Cafe Mojo

The decor is a dark cosy English pub, the clientele young and up for a late party, and the novelty is the e-beer system. Each table has its own beer tap and LCD screen: you buy a card (₹500), swipe it at your table …
Top Choice Cafe in Bengaluru (Bangalore)

Brahmin's Coffee Bar

This terrific darshini (South Indian cafe) is famous for its filter coffee (₹16). There are only four food items on the menu: idli (fermented rice cakes), vadas (deep-fried lentil savouries), khara bath (semolina an…
Top Choice Coffee in Mumbai (Mumbai)

Koinonia Coffee Roasters

Mumbai's best speciality coffee is served in this tiny Third Wave coffeehouse in atmospheric Chium Village. Single-origin Indian estate coffee is roasted in-house with a top-end Probat roaster. It comes cold-brewed,…
Top Choice Bar in Mumbai (Mumbai)

Toto’s Garage

A highly sociable, down-to-earth local dive done up in a car-mechanic theme, where you can go in your dirty clothes, drink draught beer (₹200 a glass) and listen to classic rock. Check out the upended VW Beetle abov…
Top Choice Cafe in Jaipur

Curious Life

The latest coffee trends brew away in this showcase of Indian hipsterhood. Single-origin, espresso, French press, AeroPress, V60 pour over – you name it, you'll find it brewing here among the predominantly 20-someth…