Top things to do in Neil Island

Seafood in Neil Island

Blue Sea

Small, quirky beach shack with sandy floor, dangling beach curios and a blue whale skull centrepiece that serves simple, tasty Indian fare as well as some continental dishes. A path leads to, arguably, Neil’s best b…
Beach in Neil Island

Beach 1

Beach 1 is a long sweep of sandy coastline and mangrove, a 40-minute walk west of the jetty and village. There’s a good sunset viewpoint out this way accessed via Pearl Park Beach Resort. Dugongs are sometime spotte…
Beach in Neil Island

Beach 2

On the north side of the island, Beach 2 has the Natural Bridge rock formation, accessible only at low tide by walking around the rocky cove. To get here by bicycle, take the side road that runs through the bazaar, …
Indian in Neil Island

Garden View Restaurant

Set in a cool garden, this is a relaxing little spot to drink Kingfisher beer (₹170 per bottle) or papaya lassi (₹60) and tuck into fish curry, prawn fried rice and much more.
Beach in Neil Island

Beach 4

Beach 4 is Neil Island's best swimming beach, though its proximity to the jetty is a turn-off, as are rowdy day-trippers who descend upon the beach in motorised boats.
Beach in Neil Island

Beach 5

The more rugged Beach 5, 5km from the village on the eastern side of Neil, is a nice place to walk along the sand, with small limestone caves accessible at low tide.
Beach in Neil Island

Beach 3

Beach 3 is a secluded rocky cove with powdery sand. There’s also good snorkelling here.
International in Neil Island


On the road to Beach 1, this backpacker favourite cooks up satiating homemade pasta and fish thalis. Cold beer can be arranged.
Indian in Neil Island

Sea View Chand Restaurant

Near the jetty, this no-nonsense eatery offers all sorts of satiating multicuisine fare including crab with rice.