Bus Stop in Nasik

Dwarka Circle

Private buses head to Ahmedabad (non-AC/AC sleeper from ₹600/1000, 12 hours), Mumbai (from ₹250/450, four hours), Pune (from ₹300/450, six hours) and Nagpur (AC sleeper f₹1000, 12 hours). There is a handy private bu…
Bus in Nasik

Mahamarg Bus Stand

South of town, the Mahamarg bus stand services to Mumbai (non-AC ₹250, 4½ hours, hourly), Shirdi (non-AC ₹108, 2½ hours, hourly, 6am-10.30pm) and Ghoti (non-AC ₹45, 1¾ hours, hourly).
Bus in Nasik

New Central Bus Stand

The New Central Bus Stand has services to Aurangabad (from ₹237, 4½ hours, hourly 6am to 3am), Mumbai (₹275, four hours, hourly) and Pune (non-AC/AC ₹350/650, 4½ hours, hourly).
Bus in Nasik

Old Central Bus Stand

Nasik’s Old Central Bus Stand has buses to Trimbak (₹33, 45 minutes, hourly 5am to 11pm) and Igatpuri (₹57, one hour, hourly 10.30am to 11pm).
Tickets in Nasik

Railway Reservation Office

A useful railway reservation office is 500m west of the Old Central Bus Stand.
Taxi in Nasik

SCK Rent-A-Car

Friendly and English-speaking Sanil is a reliable option for touring wineries.