Nashik restaurants

Top Choice Maharashtrian in Nashik

Divtya Budhlya Wada

If you're looking for a spicy kick in the gut, this local hotspot is the place to come for authentic Maharashtrian food that'll make your nose run. Under an atmospheric, lantern-lit bamboo canopy, locals devour the …
Top Choice Breakfast in Nashik


This rustic institution on the edge of town serves Nashik's best breakfast of champions, misal pav – an unusual Maharashtrian dish prepared with bean sprouts and pulses, topped with flattened puffed rice, crunchy ch…
Top Choice Asian in Nashik

Malaka Spice

This excellent branch of Pune's best restaurant is hands-down the most scenic spot to dine in Nashik wine country, with postcard-perfect views across Vallonné Vineyard, Lake Mukane and the dramatic Sahyadris mountai…
Indian in Nashik


This wildly popular restaurant known as Panchavati around town (but actually called Dhaba) will take your tastebuds on a roller coaster of flavour via its Gujarati thalis spruced up with local touches like mini bakr…
Italian in Nashik

Little Italy

One of three restaurants located on the Sula estate, Little Italy does contemporary veg pizza and pasta that is a little easier to pair with wines than Indian cuisine. The design is urban and bohemian, with cool and…
South Indian in Nashik

Annapoorna Lunch Home

Dependable South Indian dosas, idli (a spongy, fermented rice cake) and pan-fresh Punjabi dishes in a quick and clean diner-like atmosphere.