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Top Choice Museum in Naggar

International Roerich Memorial Trust

This fascinating memorial and museum complex 1km above the castle focuses on the former home of Russian painter, writer and Inner Asian explorer Nicholas Roerich and his wife Elena Roerich, a philosopher, writer and…
Hindu Temple in Naggar

Gauri Shankar Temple

The lovely little 11th-century sikhara-style Gauri Shankar Temple is unusual in lacking a protective wooden roof, which allows unimpeded views of its delicate form from the road above. Gauri and Shankar, whose joyfu…
Fort in Naggar

Naggar Castle

Built by the rajas of Kullu around 1500, this fort-cum-mansion is a fine example of the earthquake-resistant, alternating-stone-and-timber style of Himachali architecture. Sold to the British assistant commissioner …
Museum in Naggar

Urusvati Himalayan Research Institute

A five-minute uphill walk from the Roerich house is the Urusvati Himalayan Research Institute, with further exhibits on the work of the Roerichs and their associates, notably the Roerich Pact, an international treat…
Hindu Temple in Naggar

Tripura Sundari Temple

About 400m up the road from the castle, the pagoda-style Tripura Sundari Temple is sacred to the local earth/mother goddess. The existing building dates from around 1980, but a similar temple occupied the site previ…
Hindu Temple in Naggar

Jagti Patt Temple

The Jagti Patt Temple, inside Naggar Castle, houses a 2.4m-long sacred stone slab said to have been carried here by a swarm of deities in the form of honey bees, from somewhere in the hills above Manali.
Hindu Temple in Naggar

Murlidhar Temple

A 1km walk up from the village takes you to the Murlidhar Temple, dating from about the 11th century, on the hilltop site of the ancient town of Thawa, which pre-dated Naggar by around 1000 years. It's dedicated to …
Hindu Temple in Naggar

Vishnu Mandir

Down the street beside the castle, the 11th-century Vishnu Mandir is a relatively plain and squat example of the sikhara (corncob- or beehive- shaped) temple style.