Opening hours are year-round for banks, offices and restaurants; many sights keep summer and winter opening hours, and some places close in the low season.

Banks (nationalised) 10am–2pm/4pm Monday to Friday, to noon/1pm/4pm Saturday; closed second and fourth Saturday of month.

Restaurants 8am–10pm or lunch noon–3pm, dinner 7pm–10pm or 11pm

Bars & Clubs noon–12.30am

Shops 10am–7pm or 8pm, some closed Sunday

Markets 10am–7pm in major cities, usually with one closed day; rural markets may be once weekly, from early morning to lunchtime

Post Offices 9.30am–5pm Monday to Saturday

More Information

Official business hours are from 10am to 5pm Monday to Friday but many offices open later and close earlier, and hours vary from state to state. Most offices have an official lunch hour from around 1pm.

  • Bank opening hours vary from town to town, so check locally; foreign-exchange offices may open longer and operate daily.
  • Some larger post offices are open a full day on Saturday and a half-day on Sunday. In some places with six-day weeks, establishments may be closed on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month.
  • Due to sporadic bouts of volatility, curfews can sometimes apply in certain areas, notably parts of Kashmir and the Northeast Region.
  • Also, in remote areas, shops may open and close depending on the weather, local political situation or the proprietor's mood.