Top Choice Palace in Mysuru (Mysore)

Mysore Palace

Among the grandest of India’s royal buildings, this fantastic palace was the former seat of the Wodeyar maharajas. The old palace was gutted by fire in 1897; the one you see now was completed in 1912 by English arch…
Museum in Mysuru (Mysore)

Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya

Lovely arts and cultural centre that presents rotating exhibitions showcasing arts from rural India.
Art Gallery in Mysuru (Mysore)

Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery

Built in 1861 as the royal auditorium, the Jaganmohan Palace, just west of the Mysore Palace, houses the Jayachamarajendra Art Gallery. Set over three floors it has a collection of kitsch objects and regal memorabil…
Museum in Mysuru (Mysore)

Jayalakshmi Vilas Mansion Museum Complex

Housed in a grand mansion, on the university campus west of town, this museum specialises in folklore, with artefacts, stone tablets and sculptures, including rural costumes and a wooden puppet of the 10-headed demo…
Zoo in Mysuru (Mysore)

Mysore Zoo

Unlike many other pitiful zoos in India, Mysore Zoo conforms to much higher standards, set in pretty gardens that date from 1892. Highlights include white tigers, lowland gorillas and rhinos. It’s situated around 2k…
Hindu Temple in Mysuru (Mysore)

Sri Chamundeswari Temple

At a lofty height of 1062m, on the summit of Chamundi Hill, stands the Sri Chamundeswari Temple, dominated by a towering 40m-high gopuram (entrance gateway). It’s a fine half-day excursion, offering spectacular view…
Church in Mysuru (Mysore)

St Philomena’s Cathedral

The beauty of towering St Philomena’s Cathedral, built between 1933 and 1941 in neo-Gothic style, is emphasised by beautiful stained-glass windows. It’s on the northern outskirts of town.
Museum in Mysuru (Mysore)

Rail Museum

Behind the train station, this open-air museum’s main exhibit is the Mysore maharani’s saloon, a wood-panelled beauty dating from 1899 that provides an insight into the stylish way in which the royals once rode the …
Market in Mysuru (Mysore)

Devaraja Market

Dating from Tipu Sultan’s reign, this lively bazaar has local traders selling traditional items such as flower garlands, spices and conical piles of kumkum (coloured powder used for bindi dots), all of which makes f…
Park in Mysuru (Mysore)

Karanji Lake Nature Park

Next to the zoo, this nature park is the place to spy on various bird species, including herons, rose-ringed parakeets, painted storks and many butterflies.