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Top Choice Clothing in Mumbai (Mumbai)


It's worth popping in to this high-end traditional garment shop to see the space itself, a gorgeous, cavernous, rose-oil-scented stunner chock-full of owner and designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee's collection of chandeli…
Top Choice Design in Mumbai (Mumbai)

Kulture Shop

Behold Bandra's – and Mumbai's – coolest shop, featuring exclusive graphic art and illustrations sourced from a global army of Indian artists. You'll find thought-provoking and conceptually daring T-shirts, art prin…
Top Choice Design in Mumbai (Mumbai)

Kulture Shop

Mumbai's coolest design shop has thankfully arrived in South Mumbai! Fittingly, the Pop Art cool kid from Bandra has set up shop in Kala Ghoda, where its thought-provoking and conceptually daring art prints, noteboo…
Top Choice Art in Mumbai (Mumbai)

Indian Hippy

Indian Hippy will put your name in lights, with custom-designed Bollywood posters hand-painted on canvas by the original studio artists (a dying breed since the advent of digital illustrating). Bring or email a phot…
Top Choice Antiques in Mumbai (Mumbai)

Chor Bazaar

Chor Bazaar is known for antiques, though be wary of reproductions. The main area of activity is Mutton St, where shops specialise in these ‘antiques’ and miscellaneous junk. Dhabu St, to the east, is lined with fin…
Top Choice Gifts & Souvenirs in Mumbai (Mumbai)

Play Clan

Kitschy, design-y goods such as stylish embroidered T-shirts, funky coffee mugs and coasters, and superhip graphic art, including beaded embroidered art and illustrative wood prints that are pricey but unique.
Top Choice Clothing in Mumbai (Mumbai)


Ethically sourced cotton and silk fashions and homewares in everybody's favourite modern-meets-traditional Indian shop.
Top Choice Health & Wellness in Mumbai (Mumbai)

Haji Mohammad Bashir Oil Shop

Worth a visit as much for the spectacle if not to buy, this near-century-old traditional oil shop still hand-presses its medicinal, cooking and massage oils (often to order) with a sesame wood and metal press. The m…
Concept Store in Mumbai (Mumbai)


Under the discerning eye of gourmet entrepreneur Samyukta Nair, this Colaba concept store occupies a late-19th-century art deco building chock-full of homegrown designer homewares (gorgeous coffee mugs, copper and c…
Homewares in Mumbai (Mumbai)

M/S KN Ajani

One of Mumbai's oldest shops and born of a dying breed, this family-run retailer kicked off in 1918. Today, friendly grandson Paresh still hawks the family jewels: brass, carbon-steel and aluminium scissors, nutcrac…