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Private Tour: Patan Modhera Day Trip from Ahmedabad

Enjoy a private guided day tour and visit many famous locations such as the Patan Rani Ki Vav, Patola Weaving Centre, Modhera SunTemple. Make the best of your stay while in Agmedabad alongside a knowledgeable local guide and a small group of like minded enthusiasts.
8 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Step Wells of Ahmedabad, a tale of Women, Water & Life

In this tour we go back to medieval times in Gujarat where Women revered water. We will tell the story of how Queens built memorials for their Kings in the form of exquisitely decorated Step Wells which served as water storage systems. We will also show weaving of the famous double ikat style Patola silk sarees.
10 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Step Wells near Ahmedabad- A tale of Women, Water & Life

In this tour, we will tell you the story of how Step Wells were an integral part of the lives of Indian Women in medieval times. It is at the Step Wells that Women of the 11th century socialised! We will not only appreciate the incredible design and exquisite sculptures but also the reverence people had for Water in these parts.
10 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Modhera Day Sightseeing Tours From Ahmedabad

On this tour get ready to discover the unexplored ancient village of Modhera. Pay a visit to one of its most famous attraction – the Sun temple made in honor of god Sun- Surya, inspired from the Sun Temple at Konark. Explore the beautifully carved temple and appreciate its amazing architecture
7 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Patan and Modhera Sightseeing tour from Ahmedabad

On this private tour get ready to explore the ancient Gujarati towns of Patan and Modhera. Tour the famous Rani ki Vav, get to know the history of Patola weaving, and explore the famous Sun Temple, made in honor of the Sun God - Surya.
9 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Day Trip to Modhera & Patan

Discover the unexplored, ancient Gujarati towns of Modhera and Patan. Tour the marvelous temples, narrow villages, and mingle with the village folk.
11 hours