Top Choice Multicuisine in Mcleod Ganj


With a romantic open rooftop and plenty more tables and a loungy bar indoors, Indique is McLeod's most stylish eating venue and has live music some nights. Breakfasts and tortilla wraps are good, but the Indian lunc…
Italian in Mcleod Ganj

Jimmy’s Italian Kitchen

Jimmy’s is a dependable Italian place with pleasant seating and a sunny rooftop. The baked potatoes, Greek salads and dishes like chicken Florentine are a nice change, and the pasta includes ravioli and lasagne.
Japanese in Mcleod Ganj

Lung Ta

The daily set menus are the best choice at this popular, vegetarian Japanese restaurant, especially on Tuesdays and Fridays when they include sushi rolls and miso soup. The food and ambience are authentic enough to …
Multicuisine in Mcleod Ganj

McLlo Restaurant

Crowded nightly and justifiably popular, this large, three-floor place serves a mind-boggling menu of Indian, Chinese and international fare, including pizzas and pasta. The semi-open-air top floor is one of McLeod'…
Multicuisine in Mcleod Ganj


A little chunk of Seattle, transported to India. Come for excellent coffee, cakes, imaginative brown-bread open sandwiches (like poached chicken with mango, lime and coriander sauce), plus plenty of well-prepared ma…
Pizza in Mcleod Ganj

Namgyal Cafe

The busy restaurant attached to Om Hotel serves well-laden but rather chewy pizzas, as well as decently prepared tofu and potato dishes, salads, soups, crêpes and Tibetan fare.
Italian in Mcleod Ganj

Nick’s Italian Kitchen

Unpretentious, well-run Nick’s has been serving up tasty vegetarian pizzas, lasagne and gnocchi for years. Follow up a ground coffee with a heavenly slice of lemon cheesecake – apparently Richard Gere's favourite wh…
Multicuisine in Mcleod Ganj

Snow Lion Restaurant

Especially popular for its good-value set breakfasts and decent coffee, the Snow Lion does good momos and thukpa too, and has shelves full of books.
Tibetan in Mcleod Ganj

Peace Cafe

This cosy little cafe is popular with Tibetans, including monks and nuns, as well as travellers, for dining on tasty momos, thukpa and thenthuk (with vegies/cheese/egg/tofu).
Multicuisine in Mcleod Ganj

Four Seasons Cafe

This bustling little place serves up excellent pasta and Tibetan dishes at very fair prices. There are only seven tables so be prepared to share.