Margao attractions

Church in Margao

Church of the Holy Spirit

Margao’s whitewashed main church (1675) remains in use as a parish church and is finely decorated inside. The impressive reredos (ornamental screen) is dedicated to the Virgin Mary, rising from ground level to the h…
Library in Margao

Municipal Library

On the west side of the canary-yellow Secretariat Building, you’ll find respite from the sun in the prim Municipal Library, which houses some good books about Goa. Don’t miss the library’s newspaper reading room, in…
Historic Building in Margao

Secretariat Building

At the southern end of the Municipal Gardens, this grand building houses the Municipal Library.
Historic Building in Margao

Sat Burnzam Ghor

The most famous of the traditional old Portuguese mansions in Largo de Igreja is the grand 1790 Sat Burnzam Ghor. Originally, as its name suggests, there were seven of the distinctive high-peaked gables, of which on…
Church in Margao

Mount Church

Located about 500m southeast of Sat Burnzam Ghor and a fair climb up Monte Hill, Margao’s only hill, Mount Church is a simple whitewashed building, faced by a similarly diminutive cross. A detour up here is worth it…
Area in Margao

Largo de Igreja

Largo de Igreja, the area around the Church of the Holy Spirit, features a number of traditional old Portuguese mansions, in various states of decay or repair. The most famous is the grand 1790 Sat Burnzam Ghor.
Hindu Temple in Margao

Damodar Temple

Margao's central Hindu temple.