Top things to do in Manipur

Top Choice Fort in Imphal

Kangla Fort

The vast, low-walled fort at the heart of Imphal was, with a few interruptions, the political and religious heart of Manipur for many centuries until taken over by the British after the 1891 Anglo-Manipuri War. Toda…
Top Choice Market in Imphal

Ima Keithel

Housed in three big colonnaded buildings with pagoda-style roofs, this huge bazaar with over 4000 all-women vendors is reckoned to be the largest of its kind in the world. Only married women are allowed to be stallh…
Top Choice Adivasi in Imphal

Luxmi Kitchen

The last word in Manipuri lunch platters, ultra-popular Luxmi does a fabulous chakluk (thali) comprising more than a dozen local delicacies such as tangy fish stew, fried fish, leafy greens, sinju (a salad with cabb…
Indian in Imphal

Wild Rice

The smart restaurant at the Sangai Continental hotel is highly popular and serves well-prepared Indian vegetable, chicken, lamb and fish dishes, including superb kebabs. Vegetarians will like the vegetable lemon cor…
Cultural in Imphal

Sangai Festival

The colourful 10-day Sangai Festival shows off Manipuri dance, music, crafts, sports, food and adventure activities with events at various venues in and around Imphal.
National Park in Loktak Lake

Keibul Lamjao National Park

The giant 26-sq-km phumdi filling up the southern part of Loktak Lake is home to some 250 sangai (Manipur brow-antlered deer or dancing deer), the world's last wild population of what is Manipur's state animal. Keib…
Cemetery in Imphal

Imphal Indian Army War Cemetery

The Indian Army War Cemetery, dating back to the 1944 Battle of Imphal, honours the many Indians who laid down their lives fighting in the Allied forces in the region during WWII. The names of 860 who were cremated …
Cemetery in Imphal

Imphal War Cemetery

This peaceful, impeccably maintained graveyard is the last resting place of more than 1600 British and other Allied soldiers and airmen killed in the Imphal area during WWII. Most of them died during the Battle of I…
Museum in Imphal

Manipur State Museum

The two-storey state museum, on a lane off the main road that fronts Kangla Fort, has a curious collection of tribal costumes, royal clothing, 20th-century Manipuri art, musical instruments and stuffed wildlife. In …
Sports Ground in Imphal

Mapal Kangjeibung

The sport of polo is believed to have originated in Manipur and Imphal's Mapal Kangjeibung is reckoned to be the oldest living polo ground in the world. Games happen on variable days through the October-to-May seaso…