Top Choice Market in Imphal

Khwairamband Bazaar

Housed in colonnaded buildings, this vast all-women’s market – the largest in the world – is run by some 4000 ima (mothers), who have traditionally dominated the socio-economic matrix of Manipuri society. One sectio…
Fort in Imphal

Kangla Fort

This expansive, low-walled fort was the on-again, off-again regal capital of Manipur until the Anglo-Manipuri War of 1891 saw the defeat of the Manipuri maharaja and a subsequent British takeover. Entrance is by way…
Museum in Imphal

Manipur State Museum

This two-storey government-run museum, off Kangla Rd, has a curious collection of tribal costumes, royal clothing, historical polo equipment and stuffed carnivores. Outside, by the lawns, you’ll find an ornate and s…
Hindu Temple in Imphal

Shri Govindaji Mandir

The 1776 Shri Govindaji Mandir, with two pronounced domes, is a neo-Vaishnavite temple with Radha and Govinda (Krishna) as the presiding deities. It sees a large congregation of devotees during the evening aarti (pr…
Museum in Loktak Lake

INA Museum

Moirang’s INA Museum celebrates the town’s small but symbolic role in the Indian Independence movement. It was here on 14 April 1944 that the anti-colonial Indian National Army (INA) first unfurled the Azad Hind (Fr…
Cemetery in Imphal

Imphal War Cemetery

This peaceful, well-kept memorial contains the graves of more than 1600 British and Commonwealth soldiers killed in the Battle of Imphal, which took place here in 1944 and is acknowledged as one of the most intense …
Memorial in Imphal

Indian War Cemetery

This cemetery, a crematorium dating back to the 1944 Battle of Imphal, honours the many Indian soldiers who laid down their lives fighting alongside Allied forces in the region. Their names are engraved on two grace…
Island in Loktak Lake

Sendra Island

This hilly outcrop offers the best view of the lake's floating 'islands' – (rapidly vanishing) clumps of matted weeds called phumdis – and circular fishing ponds created out of floating rings of weeds.