Top things to do in Manali to Keylong

Landmark in Manali to Keylong

Rohtang La

A logistical nightmare or a scenic highlight depending on your experience, the Rohtang La (3978m) is, at least physically, the high point of a journey from Manali to Lahaul. From Manali, the road strikes north along…
Fort in Manali to Keylong

Gondhla Fort

In Gondhla, 14km west of Sissu, this six-storey, stone-and-timber tower fort was built about 300 years ago and used to be a local thakur's (lord's) residence. It's now unoccupied and locked up, but it’s still an imp…
Hindu Temple in Manali to Keylong

Raja Ghepan Temple

Raja Ghepan, the presiding lord of Lahaul, resides on Ghepan (Gepang) mountain, which towers above Sissu, 4km west of the Rohtang Tunnel's northern entrance. In Sissu village his architecturally forgettable temple l…