Train Station in Nashik

Nashik Rd Train Station

The Nashik Rd train station is 8km southeast of the town centre, but a useful railway reservation office is situated 500m west of the Old Central Bus Stand. There are over 25 daily trains to Mumbai so you won’t have…
Bus in Aurangabad

Central Bus Stand

With electronic screens in English, Aurangabad's Central Bus Stand has a leg up on most in India. Buses leave about every half-hour to Pune (non-AC/AC ₹400/775, 5½ hours, 5am to 6pm) and hourly to Nashik (non-AC/AC …
Train in Aurangabad

Aurangabad Train Station

Aurangabad’s train station is not on a main line, but it has four daily direct trains to/from Mumbai.
Bus in Mahabaleshwar

RB Travels

RB Travels, located on a corner between an alley shortcut to Masjid Rd and the bazaar (across from Meghdoot restaurant), books luxury coaches to Goa (non-AC seater/Volvo AC sleeper ₹1100/1400, 12 hours). You will de…
Bus Station in Kolhapur

Kolhapur Bus Stand

From the bus stand, services head regularly to Pune (ShivShahi AC ₹420, five hours, every 30 minutes, 5am to 11.30pm) and Ratnagiri (ordinary/ShivShahi ₹172/255, 4½ hours, every 30 minutes, 1am and 5.30am to 6.30pm)…
Bus in Nagpur

Ganesh Peth Bus Stand

The main Ganesh Peth Bus Stand is 2km south of the train station. Ordinary buses head for Aurangabad (non-AC/ShivShahi ₹566/840, 17 daily, 4am to 8pm), Pune (non-AC/ShivShahi ₹1250/1370, 1pm, 4pm, 5pm and 6pm), Ramt…
Bus Station in Malvan

Malvan Bus Stand

Malvan has ordinary buses to Kolhapur (non-AC from ₹210, five hours, 7am, 2.15pm and 3.15pm), Mumbai (AC ₹840, 12 hours, 8am), Panaji (AC from ₹150, four hours, 6.45am, 7.45am, 2.30pm and 3.15pm) and Ratnagiri (non-…
Bus Station in Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar Bus Stand

From Mahabaleshwar bus stand, state buses leave regularly for Pune (non-AC/AC ₹130/255, four hours, every 30 minutes, 5.30am to 6.30pm), Kohlapur (non-AC?AC ₹365/475, 5½ hours, 6.30am, 8am and 12.30pm) and Satara (n…
Bus in Pune

Swargate Bus Stand

From Swargate Bus Stand, government buses head to Kolhapur (₹400, six hours, hourly, 5.30am to 11.30pm) and Mahabaleshwar (₹175 to ₹250, four hours, hourly, 5.40am to 7.20pm). To Donje (Golewadi), for access to Sinh…
Bus in Pune

Pune Station Bus Stand

Buses leave the Pune train station stand for Goa (AC ₹900, 10 hours, 5am, 5.45am, 4.30pm, 7,30pm and 9pm); Goa government buses (Kadamba Transport) depart at 6.30pm, 7pm and 7.30pm (₹600 to ₹1000). Buses head to Mum…