Must-see attractions in Maharashtra

  • Panchakki

    The garden complex of Panchakki, literally meaning ‘water wheel’, takes its name from the ancient hydromill which, in its day, was considered a marvel of…

  • Pandav Leni

    Dating from the 1st century BC to the 2nd century AD, the 24 early Buddhist caves of Pandav Leni are located about 8km south of Nashik along the Mumbai…

  • Sri Ekaveera Temple

    In front of Karla Caves, this Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Ekvira is thronged by pilgrims – especially the Koli fisherfolk of Mumbai – whose presence…

  • Tribal Cultural Museum

    About 1.5km east of the train station, this small museum showcases artefacts (jewellery, utensils, musical instruments, even black-magic accessories) from…

  • Cave 24

    Had it been finished, cave 24 would be the largest vihara at Ajanta. Here you can see how the caves were constructed – long galleries were cut into the…

  • Kalidas Memorial

    The Kalidas Memorial, 2.7km east of the Ramtek temple complex, is dedicated to the famous classical Sanskrit poet Kalidas. Murals of his famous works line…

  • Cave 27

    Cave 27 is virtually a vihara connected to the cave 26 chaitya, though it is not accessible.

  • Dadasaheb Phalke Memorial

    The Dadasaheb Phalke Memorial is dedicated to the pioneering Indian movie producer of the same name.

  • Cave 1

    Cave 1, the simplest vihara, may have been a granary.

  • Cave 13

    Cave 13 is a simple Hindu cave, most likely a granary.

  • Cave 4

    Cave 4 is unfinished and not well preserved.

  • Cave 31

    Cave 31 is really an extension of Cave 32.

  • Cave 7

    Cave 7 is an unadorned hall.

  • Cave 5

    An unfinished excavation, cave 5 lacks sculpture and architectural elements of note and its interiors are inaccessible. It does however have an ornate…

  • Cave 3

    Cave 3 is unfinished and not well preserved.