Top things to do

Top Choice Multicuisine in Khajuraho

Raja’s Café

Raja’s has been on top of its game for more than 35 years, with espresso coffee, English breakfasts, wood-fired pizzas, superb Indian, Italian and Chinese dishes, and an otherwise eclectic menu full of things you mi…
Top Choice Palace in Gwalior

Jai Vilas Palace & Scindia Museum

The museum occupies some 35 rooms of the Scindias’ opulent Jai Vilas Palace, built by Maharaja Jayajirao in 1874 using prisoners from the fort. The convicts were rewarded with the 12-year job of weaving the hall car…
Top Choice Palace in Gwalior

Man Singh Palace

This imperial-style palace is one of the more unusually decorated monuments you’ll see in India: the outer walls include a frieze of yellow ducks! These – and mosaic tiling of elephants, tigers and crocodiles in blu…
Top Choice Indian in Bhopal

Bapu Ki Kutia

Papa’s Shack has been serving up delicious Indian veg dishes since 1964. Prepare to get cosy with the locals – it’s so popular you’ll often share a table. There’s an English menu, but no English sign. Look for the p…
Top Choice Fort in Gwalior

Gwalior Fort

Perched majestically on top of a 3km-long plateau overlooking Gwalior, this 8th-century hilltop fort is an imposing, eye-catching sight, with the circular towers of the dominating Man Singh Palace ringed with turquo…
Top Choice Hindu Temple in Orchha

Ram Raja Temple

At the centre of a lively square is the pink- and gold-domed Ram Raja Temple, the only temple where Rama is worshiped as a king. Built as a palace for Madhukar Shah’s wife, it became a temple when an image of Rama, …
Top Choice Jain Sculptures in Gwalior

Jain Rock Sculptures

While there are sculptures carved into the rock at a few points on the plateau, including on the way up from Gwalior Gate, the most impressive is the upper set on the western approach, between Urvai Gate and the inn…
Top Choice Islamic Historic Site in Orchha


Top Choice Museum in Bhopal

State Museum

This first-class archaeological museum spread over 17 galleries includes some wonderful temple sculptures as well as 87 Jain bronzes unearthed by a surprised farmer in western Madhya Pradesh. Keep an eye out for the…
Top Choice Cafe in Indore

Mr Beans

With sophisticated French-style interiors throughout it’s seven rooms, this excellent cafe is one of India’s nicest. Besides the Indorean in-crowd and excellent coffee (₹50 to ₹130) and tea, the menu specialises in …