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Arts & Crafts in Khajuraho


Huge emporium where full-size replicas of some of Khajuraho’s temple carvings can be bought – if you have a spare ₹10,000 to ₹1,000,000! Smaller, more affordable versions, along with textiles, brassware, wood carvin…
Textiles in Mandu


Next to Malwa Resort, this small shop sells good-quality scarves, shawls, bedspreads and clothing made from material (mostly cotton) that has been block-printed, usually with natural dyes, in the nearby village of B…
Books in Mandu

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You can buy guidebooks about Mandu and other sites here, beside the Royal Enclave ticket office.
Books in Sanchi

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Sells the Archaeological Survey of India's good guides to Sanchi and other sites.