Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh entertainment

Live Performance in Khajuraho

Sound-&-Light Show

Technicolour floodlights sweep across the temples of the Western Group as Indian classical music soundtracks a potted history of Khajuraho narrated by the ‘master sculptor’. Photography is prohibited.
Dance in Khajuraho

Folk Dance Show

Nightly one-hour folk-dancing performances take place in Kandariya's comfortable indoor theatre.
Live Performance in Gwalior

Sound-&-Light Show

A nightly 45-minute sound-and-light show is held in the amphitheatre at Gwalior Fort.
Live Performance in Orchha

Sound-and-Light Show

More sound than light, this tall tale is most likely to enthuse those particularly interested in Orchha's history. The story has it all – galloping horses, lion attacks, war, infidelity, attempted suicide, murder – …