Orchha Nature Reserve

Cycling in Orchha

This 44-sq-km sliver of wooded island between the Betwa and the rock-strewn Jamni River makes an enjoyable few hours' cycling or (in temperate weather) walking. The ticket office is 250m after the causeway at the south end of Orchha. You can follow a route of about 8km starting from the entry gate 1km past the ticket office, visiting the riverside Pachmariya and two lookout towers, before emerging on the road again 2km south of where you entered.

Fork left 1km from the entrance to reach Pachmariya, from which the Shikargarh (an abandoned building, possibly an old royal hunting lodge) is 200m south upstream. Return to the fork and head south (left) to the lookout towers after about 1.75km and 4.25km. The second lookout, Jantur Tower, is not visible from the road and is unsigned, but approached by a clear path. Wildlife you might see en route includes monkeys, deer, monitor lizards and peacocks. Signs warn there may be crocodiles in the rivers.